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South Fork Coeur d’Alene River Sewer District Information and FAQ


Q1. What is the South Fork Coeur d’Alene River Sewer District (District)?

A1. The District is a public utility authorized under Idaho Code 42-3201, serving Mullan to Pinehurst (except City of Smelterville). We provide wastewater collection, conveyance, and treatment for residential and commercial customers to ensure public health and safety.


Q2. Does the District provide drinking water? What areas does the District serve?

A2. No, we strictly handle wastewater. Drinking water is provided by separate entities: East Shoshone Water District (Mullan to Silverton), Central Shoshone Water District (Osburn to Smelterville), and Pinehurst Water District (Pinehurst). For service areas, we serve Mullan to Pinehurst (except City of Smelterville).


Q3. What does South Fork Coeur d’Alene River Sewer District do?

A3. We own the interceptor that transports wastewater to treatment plants, treat the wastewater, and own collection lines outside the cities of Mullan, Wallace, Osburn, and Kellogg. The cities of Mullan, Wallace, Osburn, and Kellogg manage their own collection systems.


Q4. Is there a separate bill for collections in the cities of Mullan, Wallace, Osburn, and Kellogg?

A4. Yes, residents of these cities receive two sewer bills: one from the city and one from South Fork Coeur d’Alene River Sewer District.

Q5. What are the user rates for the District?

A5. The Sewer District has two residential rates based on location: $115.50 per quarter for properties outside the mentioned cities, covering collection, interceptor, and treatment. Customers within these cities pay the city for collection and $109.50 per quarter to the Sewer District for interceptor and treatment. Commercial users' charges are based on water usage.


Q6. How often does South Fork Coeur d’Alene River Sewer District bill its customers?

A6. We bill quarterly on the first business day of the quarter with payment due on the last day. Our billing quarters are: December 1st - February 28th, March 1st – May 31st, June 1st – August 31st, and September 1st - November 30th.


Q7. What is the homeowner’s responsibility?

A7. Homeowners are responsible for the initial construction and ongoing maintenance of the service from the connection point at the collection main (typically in the street) to their building.


Q8. What is the New User Facility Fee (NUFF), and how much is it?

A8. The NUFF is a one-time fee of $5,811.00 for a single residence. It covers the cost of conveying and treating wastewater, ensuring fair distribution of infrastructure costs.


Q9. Does the NUFF cover construction costs, and is there a separate fee for the cities of Mullan, Wallace, Osburn, and Kellogg?

A9. No, the NUFF does not cover construction costs. Customers are responsible for installation, including septic tanks if required. For properties within the cities of Mullan, Wallace, Osburn, and Kellogg, these cities may have a separate fee with a different name, such as a Service Connection Charge or Capitalization Fee. Please contact them directly for details.


Q10. What is the process for connecting a property to the District?

A10. To connect to the District, contact us to start the permit process, complete the paperwork, pay the NUFF, and arrange for an inspection of the connection before covering it. For properties within Mullan, Wallace, Osburn, or Kellogg, please contact your city for their connection process.


Q11. How do I find out more about South Fork Coeur d’Alene River Sewer District?

A11. Visit or call 208-753-8041.



Collection Line: Main sewer line in the street that conveys flow from multiple service connections

Interceptor: Large pipe that transports wastewater from the collection lines to the treatment plant

Lateral: Sewer service pipe from the house to the collection line

NUFF: New User Facility Fee


Agency Contact List:

South Fork Coeur d’Alene River Sewer District                                          208-753-8041

City of Mullan                                                                                               208-744-1515

City of Wallace                                                                                             208-752-1147

City of Osburn                                                                                              208-752-0001

City of Kellogg                                                                                              208-786-9131

City of Smelterville                                                                                        208-786-3351

Shoshone County Planning & Zoning                                                           208-752-8891

East Shoshone Water District (serves Mullan to Silverton)                           208-752-1174

Central Shoshone Water District (serves Osburn to Smelterville)                 208-786-9141

Pinehurst Water District (serves Pinehurst)                                                   208-682-3611

Billing Information

December 1st Billing

Service Months: December, January, February

Due February 28th 


March 1st Billing

Service Months: March, April, May

Due May 31st

June 1st Billing

Service Months:June, July, August

Due August 31st

September 1st Billing

Service Months: September, October, November

Due November 30th

Quarterly Billing as of June 2023

Residential District/Interceptor       $115.50 ($38.50 Monthly)

Residential Contract                        $109.50 ($36.50 Monthly)

Business District/Interceptor           $118.50 ($39.50 Monthly)

Business Contract                            $112.50 ($37.50 Monthly)

To pay monthly, send a check with your account  number in the memo line to:


P.O. Box 783

Osburn, ID 83849

Residents of Mullan, Wallace, Osburn and Kellogg:
You have two sewer bills, the city in which you live and South Fork CDA River Sewer District. The city owns and maintains the sewer lines from the street to our interceptor, which carries the wastewater to our treatment plant. We treat the wastewater as well as maintain the interceptor. 

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